Welcome to the portfolio website of sculptor Nicolas Genovese. I specialize in Sci-Fi and Fantasy sculpture in the micro scale. Anywhere from 15 millimeter to 180 millimeter designs. The majority of my work is based within the 28 millimiter scale range of tabletop wargaming miniatures. I am capable of just about anything so email me at thehobbysculptor@gmail.com with any questions you may have. You can expect to find pieces of my artwork in the gallery section. To learn more about me check out my about page.


My Gallery of greens will be updated on occassion depending on when I come around to update it. To see my most recent work send an email and you shall recieve images of my latest non private work delivered to your inbox. I offer top quality only.


My schedule fluctuates on a monthly basis. I currently sculpt full time and work on many projects each week. I have worked for many companies and have a long running reputation with Pontoonier/Raven Claw Miniatures whom I have worked with for three years. Check my about page for a list of companies I have worked for.

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