About Me

Who I Am: Nicolas Genovese
Where I'm From: Maine, USA
Experience: 5 Years
Age: 24
Who I've Worked For: Raven Claw miniatures
Pontoonier Miniatures
Otherworld Miniatures
Reaper Miniatures
Distant Shore Designs
Center Stage Miniatures
Rebel miniatures
Many individual sales
Preferred Genre: Dark Art... Fantasy...Monsters..Undead
Why Sculpture? In general sculpture has always been an interest of mine but I did not start creating sculptures of my own until early in the year 2007. I spent countless hours of free time throughout 2007 making my first sculptures. By the end of 2007 I had created about nine of my own original sculptures with green stuff epoxy aka "greens", in the 28mm scale range and had them all cast for a small company I started with my brothers called Blood Moon Miniatures. In the following year, 2008, I had started selling my greens through eBay to amateur companies and collectors. I realized early on that there was a great deal of money to be made here as well as a great opportunity to unleash my creative side through the ancient art of sculpture. Since the start of my sculpting adventures I have currently made hundreds of tabletop wargaming "greens". Some of which have been cast by companies, others have been kept secret from society in some collectors private cabinet. I graduated from college in the spring of 2011 with a computer science bachelor's major but plan to continue on sculpting greens as a business until I am physically unable.

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